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Take a wild Ride around the world with journalist Scott Goetz

I’m Scott Goetz, a world explorer, travel writer, jet-set consultant and tv host who’s been to 96 countries. 


Some things I can tell you:

  • The top ten private islands of the world and the best ways to experience them.
  • Which pub in the Outback you can make international crank calls while sipping on a shandy.
  • How to properly drink opium in the Maharaja’s palace while discovering what it’s like to be king.
  • Where to play chicken with an exploding volcano while sailing to the Komodo dragons.

Hmm. Lies from the world’s biggest bullshitter?


Tales from a crazy man?


You decide. Just know I’ve been there, done it and filmed it all too.

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“Robb Report correspondent and luxury-travel expert Scott Goetz has spent more than 500 nights in the bush since 2001, visiting nearly 170 lodges in 19 countries throughout Africa.”

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