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At its core, the African safari is a simple undertaking that requires little more than a good guide, a sturdy vehicle, and the built-in entertainment of a wildlife-filled forest or savanna. Too often, however, the process of planning a safari is unnecessarily complicated by the dizzying array of companies claiming to offer the best and most authentic journeys. To help whittle down the many options, Robb Report presents the Essential Safari Guide, an exclusive yet comprehensive compendium featuring only the very best lodges, outfitters, and expeditions in Africa.

Each of the following lodges—selected for privacy, location, activities, quality of guides, and, of course, accommodations—delivers an exceptional safari experience in its given setting. The best safaris, however, combine diverse regions and various modes of exploring them, from lodges and villas to permanent camps and mobile tents. How one combines these experiences is a matter of personal taste, but one best facilitated by a trusted outfitter (see the “Safari Spotlight” boxes throughout the guide) that can handle the complex logistics of African travel while steering you clear of the crowds. No matter the destination—the plains of Kenya, the deserts of Namibia, the rain forests of Rwanda, or a combination of all three—Robb Report’s African-adventure guide will help ensure a simply splendid safari.

Read the entire Essential Safari Guide at Robb Report.


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